Our Mission.

We pledge to create original content from the heart, starting in our own backyards.
Understanding the world through love in order to change it.
And keep a strong spiritual connection to those who came before us as we grow in knowledge.



Join The Team

Nobody's an island. Darnell Anderson (Classik Levine),
Nina Reid (The Reid Bunch), and Albert Shumake (DJ Always) shape miCheck1two's original authenticity.


Darnell Anderson (Classik Levine)

Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist under the stage name Classik Levine is a black American recording artist who got his start in churches and bands in Louisville, KY. lAfter several independent releases since 2006, Darnell created miCheck1two as an independent music company, media company, and positive think tank. He is currently promoting his latest bag of songs appropriately title I Signed Myself, available online at classiklevine.com


Albert Shumake (DJ Always)

DJ, teacher, father, miCheck co-creator DJ Always is the human creative force. Housing original brands Domestic Thuggin, My Little Homies, and original Love Always mixtape series, DJ Always can make any environment feel just like home. Smile Ella :) | Catch A Live Mix


Nina Reid (The Reid Bunch)

With a heart of gold, creator, teacher, mother Nina Reid and The Reid Bunch are the first family of MC. Spearheaded by superwoman and self-starter, Nina & the family have amassed a growing following with original Youtube series channel The Reid Bunch (#TheReidBunch). Her signature hair cream HC Hair & Body Butter, is organically evolving into a mainstay for hair and skin lovers. It's as addictive for your hair as crack was in the 80s for America. A children's book My Hair Is Magic, will soon follow. | Find TRB on Facebook



Supporting MC financially is a major goal. Expenses are actually low and staff at 1-3 people currently makes planning easier than maybe other bigger media companies. Our goal is to inform and promote humanity for the world. We plan to present monthly expense charts for public view as well other transparency. Learn more