America is on the brink of destruction (and rebuilding), as we are currently under the instruction of white terrorism across the world. It's truth. And it will take all hearts, minds, talents, and souls to make it thru the next evolution of God's creation. We must come together, agree and disagree under one roof. MC is a safe place of positivity, combining love, art, new technology, and God. We understand the importance of buying local products for building a strong community and getting healthier product for our future! Support local independent brands, independent news and information media, and of course independent music that speaks to the soul!  New brands like That Chick Angel TV, The Reid Bunch, Berry & Co, @classiklevine, Domestic Thuggin', Built To Last, and more are what we do! The American dream is being redefined, and together we will eradicate the huge problem of racism & imbalance in our current country the United States of America.

We celebrate creativity, positivity, spirituality, love, and the upcoming evolution of the melanated community worldwide. We look forward to speaking truth to power. From Kentucky & beyond.