Modern day television is mostly propaganda and don't always represent a truly melanated opinion. So we created a place to recommend our platform FAVS online including independent news media, health & fitness + more!


The Advise Show

The Advise Show TV, hosted by Phil, is a straight forward online news platform from The Advise Network providing "media with a common sense approach." Phil has amassed over half a million subscribers online, and highlights the real news of black people across America. Catch The Advise Show weekly via Patreon and Youtube



Our biggest influence by far, Dr. Boyce Watkins is the Ali of black empowerment. Not b/c he's from our great city of Louisville, but he had the balls to create for black people solely. Dr. Boyce appears daily on social media platforms like Youtube, and houses a complete financial university to teach black wealth and reset the black American community to be thought leaders of tomorrow. We love Dr. Boyce for his boldness to walk in truth every f***in day (he'd like it if we said it that way), and being a real original man of intelligence. His all-new American convention All Black National Convention is coming Sept. 29- Oct. 1, click here for more info. | Find Dr. Boyce 24/7 on


The Benjamin Dixon Show

Benjamin Dixon, host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, is a cool ass American reporter who speaks on American politics and more. Imagine CNN without government control or money hungry CEOs. Find BDS 24/7 on YoutubeApple, Twitter, and

TV is dead. Use ur phone.

American network TV was meant to spread messages and important information to the masses, we think.  But now, it's sucks. We as a BLACK AFRICAN-BASED COMMUNITY must take hold of our money, our land, and our education. Subscribe & watch our Youtube channel for daily favorited black African-based commentary, entrepreneurship topics for black-owned business development, healthy kitchen options, music favorites, and more.

Also, introducing, a positive, entrepreneur-driven daily platform dedicated to black life and human evolution.

Check out honest platforms like Thought Crimez, Forward Radio, Dr. Boyce Watkins, The Benjamin Dixon Show, Breaking Brown, Forward RadioMelenated Media, and way, way, way more.



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Man hol up, the president isn't the only one on twitter. For a mature audience, visit our black power magazine & twitter feed. Salute to all of humanity's justice fighters! We fight with you! Highlighting ALMOST COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT MEDIA. Black unity/human unity is key. TWITTER