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EVERYDAY TV IN AMERICA has become propaganda. Check out our online channels such as That Chick Angel TV.




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The Reid Bunch

Who are The Reid Bunch? Oh, just a wall-painting, Black America loving, garden growing, hair grooming, art-oozing family living life like it's golden. miCheck1two co-creator Nina Reid and her family take on weekly adventures on Youtube. Plus, purchase the NEW children's book My Magical Hair, from The Reid Bunch now available!

West Louisville Media

How do we defeat racism & white supremacy, that's a loaded question! But media is a start. We support local radio, restaurants, barber shops, nightclubs, child care, and more in our city headquarter Louisville, KY - and beyond! Watch The Afrikan Village Show on 104.7 FM or online at @westlouradio, stay vigilant guys!

Built To Last Clothing started with an idea from one of Louisville's own. Now it's a full fledged clothing entity serving Kentucky areas with original stylish gear for everyday living. Check out BTL Clothing and pick up a cool ass hat or something!


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Classik Levine (Darnell Levine) delivers a vibe with his latest album I Signed Myself featuring To Be LovedDSGWAB, and more in this first round of classiks. Buy at MC or everywhere digital music is sold. Listen on Apple Music. |

An inspiring breath of fresh air, singer-songwriter Adrianne Archie just released a new body of work Let There Be Light (LTBL) featuring hits Redeemed & acoustic-driven Count It All Joy, available at her website. Listen |